Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Gremlins Behind my Eyes

The gremlins behind my eyes spoke my dreams to a murder of crows.
Set shallow in my pupils the little beings watch the coursing, thriving, bio-electric mass of protein that is my mind.
That little glimmer in everyone’s eye, light reflected off of their metallic suits.

The little gremlins watch our thoughts.  They observe, analyze, model, and predict.
Benign, usually.  They just gather and absorb.  

But this time . . .

This time they found reason to tell those damned crows!
They told them about my dream of the camps.
The old crows and young heard of degradation and despair.
They learned of waste, carrion, and fear.
Old crows and young learned nothing new,
They cawed and cried for sorrow and joy.

And I asked the little gremlins behind my eyes “Why did you share my dreams with this murder of crows?  Why did you share that one dream?”

The gremlins starred from my shallow pupils, metallic suits glinting in the fluorescence.  They would not answer back.

“I would happily share my dreams, the good and the bad.  The limitless and the void.  The crows know of the void, we all know the void.  We are of it, the universe eats us.  The darkness of the void motivates urgency, passion,  and meaning in our being. Yet you only show them the void, and not the brilliance that illuminates it.”

But the gremlins only stare blankly, and get back to work.

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