Monday, June 2, 2014

Discrete Object

Artowrk by Hayami05
I'm floating free in space,
An empty part.
No galaxies, no planets, no rocks, gas clouds or dust,
Not a single star,
Not a single nightmare,
just darkness.

I look out and see dark.
The last star is so far away my eyes can't pick up that last little whimper of light,
A few stray photons that crossed a billion light years,
By chance made it through the clouds and parallax,
Past the dust, rocks, and gas,
Only to strike my retina,
It's message of babble delivered in vain,
To small to be seen.

This is darkness,
It stretches forever into nothing,
And that whole nothing is before my eyes.

I feel my arms and legs,
But they're just as dark as the void,
The edges feel fuzzy,
I can't quite feel quite where my body ends and the darkness starts.

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