Thursday, June 5, 2014

White Chrysanthemum

Growing serene from smoldering death wound                  
              of Child, white chrysanthemum peaks beauty.            Reaches up, feels blazing sun life surround,                                       screams its story to any willing ear.                      
White chrysanthemum speaks tranquility                                  
              to the whole of all, blunts forever fear.                        

In wild throes of spring soiled eyes are bled clean                        
              of old terror, filled with warm ancient light.               
They look upon wisdom, see the unseen,                                   
              penetrate deep to the love of all being.                        
Soiled eyes bled clean reveal partial insight                                   
              to any free mind, rarely fulfilling.                                   

Not divine, just elegant and simple,                                   
              selfless beauty and the bleak troublesome,                        
Aloft in big universe push and pull,                                              
              No wishes, just staggering potential,                        
Each moment discreet yet part of a sum,
              In freedom one lives awestruck and humble.

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